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San Diego State University

Student Life and Leadership

Event Planning On-Campus

Event Application System (EAS)

Event Application System (EAS) requests can be submitted at any time, but they must be submitted AT LEAST 21 days prior to the event date. 

Why 21 days in advance?

Most events require additional logistic permits from campus partners due to various campus policies. Logistics that require additional permitting include, but are not limited to, serving food, bringing animals to campus, body art activites, serving alcohol, liability and risk assessment, events with minors present or reserving space in the student union.


What space is reservable on campus? 

Browse our available space here

Which events get submitted through the EAS? 

  1. If you are a Recognized Student Organization, ALL on-campus events MUST be entered into the EAS. 
  2. If you are an SDSU affliate (department, staff, faculty, etc.) only requests for Outdoor Space, such as tabling or other Outdoor Activities, must be submitted online through the EAS.
  3. If you are not affiliated with SDSU, only requests for Outdoor Space, such as tabling or other Outdoor Activities, must be submitted online through the EAS.  


Please note, all requests for events are tentative until permitted by Student Life & Leadership. 

Event Planning 101

Off-Campus Events

Transportation Links

Food and Beverages at Off-Campus Events

The University does not issue food permits or conduct food service inspections for off-campus events; however; student organizations are encouraged to follow the Food Handling Guidelines listed on the Event Permitting Forms page (adapted from materials produced by the federal Food and Drug Administration).

Having food at your next event? 



Make sure it is approved!

Submit an EAS request for your event and submit the appropriate food forms. 

For any and all food at your events, complete the Temporary Food Facility Operator Permit Application and email to 

If you are bringing food from an off-campus vendor, complete the SDSU Catering Waiver Form and email to


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